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Warden 245x75xR17/E Remold All Terrain Tire

$ 144.99

Warden 245x75xR17/E Remold All Terrain Tire

The Warden’s all-terrain design provides high-void, interlocking tread blocks, upper sidewall traction bars and abundant siping for your Light Truck and SUV. The Warden is known for its traction, handling and steering control in tough off-road conditions without generating excessive noise on the highway. No off-road adventure is off limits for the Warden’s superior traction and handling characteristics. 

Tire Tread Depth: 16/32”
Meas. Rim Width: 7”
Rim Width Range: 6.5-8”
Tire Tread Width: 9.0”
Section Width: 9.4"

Outer Tire Diameter: 31.7”
Max PSI: 80 psi
Max Load: 3,042 lbs